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A change of energy occurred for a collection of millennials during 2011 and this shift of consciousness brought life to many purpose driven projects and higher vibrational online communities.

Since March 2011, we've been on a mission to radiate good vibes by creating the world’s largest positive platform and safe space. We began our journey on Tumblr by developing an original way of sharing meaningful content by creating picture quotes; a simple idea, that immediately caught the attention of millions of people worldwide, who then proceeded in sharing our messages through social media channels. We then began to receive a consistent outpour of testimonials and inspirational stories.

Throughout the years, #TheGoodVibe grew into a community of over 32 million people worldwide, with multiple platforms dedicated to pushing the message of higher vibrational living, self-love and mental health awareness.

We launched our store in 2014, sourcing lifestyle products that we can use to create an offline collection of affirmations, mantras and positive reminders for our audience. We have officially partnered with GoFundMe, to make a donation is made with every sale, to a cause picked by our audience, on a monthly basis. 


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